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Business Genome Book Project

In the upcoming book ‘Business Genome: Decode, Recode, and Manage Corporate DNA,’ we are stripping down the complexities of organizational culture to its core, providing a clear and structured approach to decoding, designing, and managing your corporate DNA.


The Purpose of the Book

This book will empower you to understand and structure the unique corporate DNA that defines your organization. By consistently applying it across your business, you will ensure alignment and coherence in all your activities, resulting in a stronger and future-proof organization.

Key Features

  1. Understand and decode your Corporate DNA.

  2. Turn values into actions.

  3. Learn from real-world examples.

  4. Receive step-by-step guidance.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the tools. 

  6. Get the gist in under an hour.

The Unique Content Structure

Unlike traditional business books that often get bogged down in theory and filler content, “The Business Genome” takes a reverse approach. It focuses first on practical applications and real-world examples before delving into the underlying theories, context, and history. 

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Organisations with high cultural alignment have 4.4 times higher revenue and 4 times higher EBITDA than their peers. (1)

66% of executives now consider culture to be more important than organisation's business strategy or operation model. (2) 

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