Decode, design, and manage corporate DNA.
Build organisations, develop brands and grow businesses in line with values.


There has long been a consensus that corporate DNA is one of the most important defining characteristics of every organisation.

Yet surprisingly, there has been no standardised way to decode, design, and manage it.  

The problem

For anyone who wants to transform vision into action; leaders, strategists, senior management, entrepreneurs, business coaches, and consultants.  

For startups and mature organisations. 

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of corporate strategists express low confidence in their ability to translate strategy into action 

2019 Gartner strategy agenda poll



cite complexity of change initiatives as a key barrier to effective execution.



“A strategy is not a plan, it is a framework for decision-making, a set of guiding principles which can be applied as the situation evolves.” ​

Stephen Bungay 

Harvard Business Review 


“The ability to bring out the exact actions helped us make it real.”

Michael Adamsky 

CEO, Hansen Beck USA

“We were able to do amazing work in a structured manner and we came up with actionable items and a lot of buy-in.”

Aaron Marko 

Co-founder, Hansen Beck Global

“We'll make this an annual event.”

Leon Korošec 

VP Elan Group – Director Winter Sports