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Business Genome Lab

Unlock the essence of corporate culture and become a licensed practitioner with the Business Genome Lab Membership. Start your journey towards mastery and transforming organisational cultures today.

Business Genome Lab Membership

490 €


Every year

Includes certification, annual license, exclusive resources.



Start with our certification process, designed to equip you with the expertise needed to conduct Corporate DNA Diagnostics. This foundational step ensures you’re fully prepared to leverage the Business Genome approach effectively.

Tools and Resources  

Included in your membership is access to a comprehensive array of tools and resources essential for conducting Corporate DNA diagnostics, such as step-by-step guidelines, workshop facilitation guides, data templates, and presentations.



The license empowers you to use and offer Business Genome Corporate DNA Diagnostics services. It is your gateway to delivering high-value diagnostics services and establishing yourself as a trusted professional in the field.  


AI Analytics Engine  


As a member, you have access to our AI Analytics engine, which can generate comprehensive, 40+ page reports. These reports are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Cost per Report: €990 + VAT




Get Certified


Begin by enrolling in our online course, designed for flexible learning. Acquire the expertise and receive your certification at your own pace, laying the foundation for your future endeavours in corporate culture diagnostics.



Provided with certification, you’re ready to apply your knowledge. Utilise our tools to advocate for cultural diagnostics services to clients or propose strategic initiatives within your organisation, setting the stage for impactful change.


Deliver Results 

Provide tangible, data-driven results that highlight areas for growth, drive strategic alignment, and foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring organisational success and client satisfaction.


Consultants and Professionals

In-house Culture Leaders

HR and HCM Specialists

This program is designed for consultants looking to add a valuable, new offering to their portfolio by mastering cultural diagnostics to advise organisations effectively. 

It’s suited for leaders within organisations who need to understand, shape, and track their company’s culture to align it with business strategies. 

Ideal for HR and HCM professionals who require analytical tools for improving talent management practices and gaining a competitive edge in client services. 


Profitable from day one 

Structured with a competitive fixed cost that ensures in-house teams can justify the investment with clear ROI, while also providing consultants the flexibility to add their margin, catering to market demands.


Encourages a model of continuous engagement, enabling regular client interactions for external consultants and consistent internal progress evaluations for corporate teams.


Presenting external professionals with pathways to broaden their service offerings and equipping internal staff with compelling evidence to advocate for expanded projects or initiatives.


“The Business Genome is a breakthrough for the world of work is akin to the discoveries in physics, science and medicine. Understanding the essence, power and soul of an enterprise has been elusive and overlooked until now.”

Perry Timms

Number 1 Most Influential HR Thinker by HR Magazine. 

HR Most Influential Hall of Fame.


Ready to transform your approach to business consultancy, freelancing, or in-house project management? Enrol in our Corporate DNA Diagnostics course and take the first step towards mastering the Business Genome.


Have questions or need more information? Our team is here to provide the support you need. 


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