“It is essential for every team that wants to transform their dreams into reality.”

Mike Adamsky
Partner and CEO Hansen Beck US



Business Genome White Paper 

provides a clear blueprint with practical guidance and inspirational examples.

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Custom advisory services to help the organisation align with its values. 

Either to decode an organisation's DNA, identify the gap between the vision and the execution or to design new organisations or projects.


We work with internal leaders and experts, and if necessary, we can provide external domain specialists. 

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For consultants and trainers who want to use the Business Genome in their work. It brings new value to services, and it can unlock the intrinsic potential of client accounts. 


For in-house organisation practitioners who want to apply the Business Genome to their teams. From a strategic leadership level to functional or geographic executive teams. 

Identify the gap and work from there. Manage the change and measure previously immeasurable.

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Business Genome App enables the digitisation of the genome and brings it into the hands of every member of the organisation.


Available in Q1 2021

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To ensure the framework viability in real life, we have tested it with real users in real organisations and talked to numerous stakeholders in various industries.

Elan Sports


is one of the leading world skiing brands. In late 2019, the entire leadership team met for a two-day off-site retreat. The systematic and structured workshop led by Vesna Marđonović led them to several surprising insights and uncovered a gap between the written strategy and the understanding of how different parts of the company and different markets should implement the shared vision.

The leadership team shared the view that the Business Genome provided a framework that systematised and put to use the results of various methodologies and strategic activities; they engaged in recently.  

Organisation type:     hard goods 
Organisation stage:     75 years of tradition
Workshop format:     In-person workshop



is a social movement of active citizens, which has grown through social media and has developed into a political party based on agreed-upon values. In spring 2020, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, an in-person workshop was not possible. Vesna Marđonović developed and conducted a two-day online workshop. According to the feedback, the satisfaction of the participants with the online approach and the workshop methods was comparable to live workshops. The Business Genome for a political party led by values was all set. 

Organisation type:     political party
Organisation stage:     startup
Workshop format:     on-line workshop

Hansen Beck


is a newly formed management consulting and training company of over 50 management training professionals from over 25 countries. Over the late summer of 2019, they were in the process of setting up an organisation, procedures, products, brand, and everything that a newly formed global company needs. We provided them with the  Business Genome framework, and they applied it to one of their company building sessions. They not only found it essential to the development of their own business; they want to start use and implement it in their work for their clients. 

Organisation type:     professional services
Organisation stage:     startup
Workshop format:     In-house practitioner