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Leverage the power of corporate DNA design

We delve deep into the core and define the culture code that powers companies beneath the surface. We help clients transform core values into actions and transmit them across domains such as branding, employee relations, and product features.

Corporate DNA
Corporate DNA Design

Branding + Design

Power the brand from the inside out and design for impact.
Identify differentiators stemming from your values and culture, set brand guidelines and design great identities. Engage with customers and get stakeholders on board.

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Visual identities
Brand systems
Web & digital
Motion design
Signage & wayfinding
Product graphics
Brand communication

Values + Culture

Decode and shape the culture. Align the team.
Discover and manage corporate DNA to ensure it resonates internally and externally. Strengthen teams, encourage new routines and attract new talent.


Corporate DNA decode
Corporate DNA design
Strategy sprints
Team alignment workshops
The Genome app

Brand's Core Values



Identify intrinsic differentiators, consolidate team, culture, and brand, and unlock the company’s full potential.

Government + NGO

Identify and anchor the
organisation to its values and purpose. Align the team and make it clear how the purpose of the organisation can be fulfilled in the day-to-day work.

Creative agencies

Decode and shape your clients’ corporate DNA and apply it to all brand touchpoints to create a consistent and unique brand identity. Add another set of services to portfolio.


Decode client’s corporate DNA and measure the state of the culture over time, support and track change, establish a recurring working framework.


Enhance your career by understanding how to bring your expertise to a client’s corporate DNA.

A flexible package

We offer a personalised, tailor-made service to all our clients. Meet us and see how we can help.

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