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Ways to Improve Your Divergent Thinking for the Creative Problem Solving

Divergent thinking helps you adopt a learning mindset by exercising both sides of your brain, ensuring that you look at problems from all angles, identify new possibilities, find creative ways to solve problems, evaluate ideas from different perspectives, and learn from others.

Think about your thinking process

If you're a convergent thinker, strive to think divergently: Pause for an hour before sending an email about an important decision. Put yourself in the shoes of team members before making an important decision. Consult with at least two people before making an important decision.

Try strategies like brainstorming and mind mapping

Use strategies that encourage you to think outside the box and come up with new ideas and solutions. Brainstorming and mind mapping encourage divergent thinking. If you use these methods regularly, you will find that they are fun and critical to creative problem solving.

Free yourself from time constraints

When making an important decision or solving a critical problem, reduce time pressure to avoid convergent thinking: Request the agenda so you can prepare. Use timeboxing to develop multiple ideas in 5-10 minute intervals. Set personal deadlines before official deadlines.

Get curious and take risks

Learn to switch between convergent and divergent thinking when a situation requires a quick and structured solution or an open mind. Don't be afraid to deviate from traditional procedures and think outside the box when needed.

Use work management software

Put your projects online so your team can collaborate whether they work in the office or remote. Work management software can encourage divergent thinking by allowing you to collaborate with others on projects, quickly share ideas and feedback, and make changes with one click.

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