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Visual Brainstorming Techniques

Visual brainstorming techniques are effective brainstorming methods you can use to quickly brainstorm and generate ideas through drawing, writing and diagramming.

Use Mind mapping

For groups and individuals. Write the question you're trying to answer in the center of the board. Write different ideas related to the question in separate bubbles around the core question. Use these ideas to develop new ones, connecting them with circles, lines, and arrows.

Use Storyboarding

For groups and individuals. Everyone gets sticky notes and jots down  their ideas. Leader collects the notes, removes duplicates, and arranges them on the whiteboard in the best order based on the agenda goal. Once everyone has agreed on the sequence, the notes are documented.

Use Group sketching

For groups. Each team member sketches something related to the main idea you're brainstorming. The papers are passed to the next person, who draws a related image. Collect and discuss the sketches once the papers have been circulated throughout the group.

Use Starbursting

For groups and individuals. Draw a 6-pointed star and write the challenge, issue, or opportunity at the center. Label each of the 6 points with the words "who," "what," "where," "when," "why," and “how.” Write down questions that start with each of those terms.

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