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How to Improve Your Dependability in the Workplace

Dependability is the quality of being trustworthy, dependable, and consistent. A dependable team performs their work correctly and completes their tasks on time with little supervision. A dependable leader performs his or her duties with integrity and consistency.

Be on time

Show up on time and be ready to work immediately. This shows people that you care and are committed. Evaluate yourself and note when you arrive and when you are ready to start your workday. Ask yourself what prevents you from being on time.

Be organized

If you are organized, you can meet your obligations. If you feel you are deficient in this area, take a course in workflow management. Learn how to create order, set up systems, and develop project plans,

Be responsive

Don't waste time waiting to be micromanaged; instead, figure out what you need to do, make a plan, and get to work. When something goes wrong, diagnose the problem and do everything you can to fix it as quickly as possible without wasting resources or time.

Honor your commitments

Even small commitments are important. If you handle them well, people will trust you when much more is at stake. Taking commitments seriously builds respect and trust in relationships. It keeps the lines of communication open and transparent. It adds weight to everything you say.

Meet the deadlines

Meet deadlines and help set realistic deadlines by communicating anything that might prevent you from completing a task on time. Getting your work done on time requires a careful balance of time management, planning, focus, and commitment.

Be accountable

Keep your commitments to people. If you want to gain people's trust, take responsibility for what you say and do.

Be consistent

When you speak and act consistently, you become someone others can rely on. Maintain the standards and behaviors that lead to high quality work. Improve your consistency by improving your time management, setting goals, and identifying areas for improvement in your work ethic.

Be truthful

Tell the whole truth. Do not lie by omission. Anything that makes people believe something that is not true is dishonest. Is everything you use in your communication the full truth? If not, you are an unreliable source of information.

Communicate proactively

If you make a commitment you can't keep, notify the person as soon as possible and don't wait until the last minute. If you're going to be late, call ahead to let the person know. Respond to requests and emails within 24-48 hours.

Excel daily

Implement daily disciplines that help you focus and strive for excellence every day. Do your best in the moment and always try to improve for the next time. Take pride in your work, focus on what you can control, and excel regardless of the circumstances.

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