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How to Develop Your Decision-Making Skills

Efficient decision making is a valuable skill in any workplace. The ability to make an informed decision can help you become a more productive employee because it saves time and helps you make better use of resources.

Make a plan

If you have a decision to make, make a plan. Think about your team and what individual goals they might pursue to achieve the overall goal. Examine what resources and supports might help you and your team achieve the goal.

Get an additional opinion

Get an additional opinion to validate your decisions and give you confidence in your decision-making ability.

Focus on more important decision

Assess the value of each decision and focus your energy on bigger decisions. Keeping each decision in mind will make you more flexible and able to compromise.

Set the time limit

Set a time limit for every decision you make. This will help you minimize the time you spend deciding or thinking about a decision. First, determine how important your decision is. If it could be of great consequence, you may need a longer time frame for your decision.

Narrow down your choices

The more choices you have, the more difficult the decision process can be. To make a more informed decision, narrow down your choices and consider only a few options at a time. This way, you can learn to think critically when considering the remaining options

Weigh your options

Make a list of all the positive and negative aspects of each choice. This can help you look at your decision in a structured way and weigh all the pros and cons objectively.

Get some rest  and exercise

Before you make a big decision, rest and clear your mind. When you're tired, you're more inclined to go for the easiest or most convenient solution. Exercise regularly. This stimulates the brain, increases energy levels and helps you focus better on decisions.

Learn from your past decisions

Draw lessons from the past and use them to improve your decision-making ability. Analyze a past decision and its outcome, and use that information to make a new, related decision.

Prioritize your decisions

Prioritize your decisions to improve your decision-making skills and time management. Make a list of the things you need to do or decide. Start with the smallest decision and work your way through the list to build your confidence.


Practice decision making so you can make decisions faster when you need to. Start with small, simple decisions. Once you feel confident with smaller decisions, try making larger decisions.

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