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Creative and Game-like Brainstorming Techniques

When it comes to creatively engaging a team and generating ideas, creative games and exercises can provide immediate results.

Use Disruptive brainstorming

For groups. Establish the goals of the brainstorming. Ask the team to come up with solutions to the problem you're trying to solve. Every 10 minutes, use a new disrupt card to highlight constraints and remove ideas during each round. In the end, you will have a set of winners.

Use Wishing

For groups and individuals. Ask teammates to write down their wishes on the chosen subject, ignoring what is realistic and practical. Collect the wishes, share them with the group, and discuss how  you would go about putting the ideas into action.

Use Team brainwriting

For groups. Each team member jots down a few ideas on a piece of paper. Pass the pieces of paper around and have everyone add their own ideas, taking inspiration from the original. After each piece of paper has been passed around once, it's time to discuss.

Use Role playing

For groups. Bring a bag full of cards to the brainstorming session. Write the names of customers, board members, celebrities, or historical figures on each card. Have everyone take a card and try to come up with ideas as if they were the person named.

Use "What if" brainstorming

For groups. Start with a specific question that outlines what you are trying to figure out. Team members quietly take notes on their ideas. Each concept is explored in a round robin format.

Use Forced connections

For groups. Bring a bag of random objects to the brainstorming session to stimulate the team's creativity. Take two or more items and ask the team to think of ways these items might be connected.

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