70% of corporate strategists express low confidence in their ability to translate strategy into action. 


2019 Gartner strategy agenda poll




The gap between vision and implementation causes brands to become irrelevant and businesses weak. Money and resources are wasted on daily activities that are not aligned to the core of the business. 


$1 trillion

Combined annual spending on strategy consulting, business consulting, and advertising. 

The number of burnouts with severe consequences is rising, and one of the main reasons is overwork caused by a lack of clear focus and sense of meaning. 

In organisations with multiple hierarchical levels, different departments and many functions, there is an inherent discrepancy between the expectations of the leadership team and the actual situation at the implementation level. 

We have to divest ourselves of the delusion that we can command the market. Firm rules of yesterday are often an impediment today. 


We cannot predict and control everything anymore. We have to start treating organisations less as architecture and more as biology

We need a programming language for building great organisations.